Refill Station at the Farm Shop

Bring your own clean tubs, bottles and canisters! Top Barn Farm Shop is on the journey to…


and we’re inviting you to join us, here’s how it works

  • Use our special scales to weigh and ‘tare’ your own clean container and print it’s label
  • Fill with product (olive oil, pasta, cous-cous, granola, sunflower seed, cheese, meats, olives, laundry liquid, hand soap, among many more!)
  • Re-weigh & print new label
  • Pay at till

Alternatively, use our paper bags, used washed jam jars, or ready-branded bottles and re-fill them next time.

It’s a new way of thinking, but good fun, and defo high feel-good factor especially NO LONGER throwing out plastic packets almost each time we prepare a meal…

Yes, we’ve still some plastic wrapped products currently, especially cakes & biscuits (and of course GF items), but we’re making a good start and are always researching new packaging/suppliers that use eco-friendly packaging to replace plastic wrapped ranges, in addition to our compostable take-away packaging, and having sold loose fruit & veg for last 20yrs!

So, go fetch your trusty bag-for-life out of your car boot, and pop some canisters & near empty hand soap bottles in it to bring in on your next visit. Let us know what further products you’d like to see as we grow the range in due course.

Fresh milk, Greek olive oil, Cheese, Meats, Pasta, Rices, Couscous, Honey toasted oat & rice clusters, Muesli, Oats, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Cashews, Popping corn, Sultanas, Dried apricots, Laundry liquid, Fabric conditioner, Floor cleaner, All purpose cleaner, Washing up liquid, Hand soap, Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash… so far!

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